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London Paramount

Stage three (Feb/Mar 2015)

In February and March 2015 we held a series of themed workshop sessions. Invitations to participate in these events were issued to those individuals who provided their details during the first and second stages of public consultation or registered their interest on the website. 

The workshops were a chance for consultees to discuss specific themes about the project. Each workshop session followed a similar format and consisted of; presentations about the project, a briefing on the structure of the workshop a breakout session to discuss key themes on the proposals before concluding with groups feeding back to the project team.

An in-depth report on the results “Your Feedback from Stage Three” is available for download. 

To view the presentations given at each of the workshop sessions please follow the links below: 

Traffic and transport presentation

Masterplanning and infrastructure presentation

Tourism, business and wider regeneration presentation 

Jobs, careers, education and training presentation

Environment and ecology presentation

Culture and heritage presentation 

Stage 3 Consultation.JPG