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London Paramount


The latest stage of public consultation on the London Paramount Entertainment Resort has come to a close this month, encompassing 44 hours of consultation with over 600 members of the public and relevant stakeholder groups.

Over a four week period in February and March, 22 workshop sessions were hosted by London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH) offering local people an opportunity to discuss the key issues and topics of interest to them with the specialist consultants supporting LRCH on the London Paramount project.

The workshops hosted by LRCH were focused on the following issues relevant to the London Paramount project:

  •          Traffic and transport;
  •          Environment and ecology;
  •          Masterplanning and infrastructure;
  •          Tourism, business and wider regeneration;
  •          Culture and heritage; and
  •          Jobs, careers, education and training.

 Key points that arose from the workshops included the incentivisation of public transport, promotion of the Thames during construction and operation, opportunities for sustainable energy and onsite energy generation, and early engagement with education providers, businesses and tourist bodies. A full report detailing the workshops, discussions and points raised will shortly be available on the project website

Fenlon Dunphy, on behalf of London Paramount, said:

“The level of involvement and continued engagement on London Paramount has been tremendous. At the recent workshop sessions we were extremely gratified that so many people took time out of their days, evenings and weekends to find out more about the project and we have come away with a great deal of local insight and useful information with which to further develop our proposals.”

The next stage of public consultation will be a series of events across the boroughs of Dartford and Gravesham in April/May 2015 where London Paramount will be seeking views on the proposals that they anticipate submitting to the Secretary of State in late summer 2015. Visit the website for information on how to get involved (