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London Paramount

London Paramount Sets Out Timeline in North Kent

London Resort Company Holdings (“LRCH”), the developer behind the multi-billion pound London Paramount Entertainment Resort for North Kent, has announced that the company has completed a further full year of environmental surveys and is making good progress on the transport studies, along with the business plan and masterplan reviews.

David Testa, on behalf of London Paramount, said:

“We’re delighted we are entering a critical stage in the planning process for the Entertainment Resort. While we had hoped to have submitted an application by now, it is much more important to ensure the evidence base is robust and comprehensive to maximise the prospects of success, which means the preparation time is longer.  The funds are in place to take this project through the planning process.

“We received a wealth of feedback at our consultations last year which, along with new information from further studies we have conducted in the area, has allowed us to refine our masterplan. We were always conscious that there was a need to share more detailed information in relation to transport and ecology and we’ve been working hard on those reports.

“We have decided that, given some of the changes we are making to the masterplan, we should hold a further round of public consultation on the updated information. This decision comes as part of our continued dialogue with the Planning Inspectorate and local authorities in Dartford, Gravesham and Kent, and the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation. Following the further consultation events, we intend to submit our application to the Planning Inspectorate in 2017.”

The specific challenge in relation to a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) is that the process for submitting a planning application, known as a Development Consent Order, is heavily front-loaded.  Nearly all of the detail must be assembled prior to submission rather than amassed or worked on as the scheme is considered.

Traffic and transport are without doubt the greatest challenges facing the local area and we have been working closely with Highways England, the Garden City and others on the proposed Access Route, as well as continuing detailed work on our traffic modelling.  

The additional consultation events will represent the fifth stage of an extensive programme of community engagement carried out by LRCH, which has already seen over 8,000 attend.  In the interim, the London Paramount team has just written to local authorities, parish councils and residents’ groups in order to establish a Community Liaison Group to ensure more regular information is being shared with the local community as we lead into the planning submission and beyond.