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London Paramount


The overall site including the access corridor to the A2, totalling approximately 545 hectares, is principally based on the Swanscombe Peninsula on land to the east of Ingress Park, between the A226 and the River Thames. This doesn’t mean we are proposing to develop the whole site within those borders, but that we are bringing forward a planning application for that area. The proposed site offers superb direct access to London and its transport hubs linking Swanscombe to the rest of the country and Europe.

The red line below indicates the likely boundary of the area included in the planning application. This includes the important highways improvement works on the A2.


We are working closely with Dartford Borough Council and Gravesham Borough Council to bring forward a comprehensive masterplan for London Paramount. The Entertainment Resort has been accepted by the UK Government as the first ‘Business or Commercial Project’ to be considered a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP).

We will make an application in 2017, following the fourth stage of public consultation in summer 2015 we are addressing all the issues raised including carrying out further transport and environmental studies in the local area. We will be sharing our updated plans with the community at a further stage of public consultation. 

Next year, the Planning Inspectorate will seek views and carefully examine the application to advise the Government on whether or not it should go ahead.


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