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London Paramount


It has always been important to us to create a transport strategy that works for our visitors but also the local community. We have tested a number of scenarios to understand how we can minimise our impact on the local road network and deliver transport improvements

Following responses to our earlier consultation, we have developed two options involving the A2 Ebbsfleet junction access that attempt to minimise any adverse impacts upon archaeology and ecology. Only one of these options will be taken forward.

Option A

Option 1 Access.jpg

Option B

Option 2 Access.jpg

Option 1 Access.jpgDuring construction, we have a unique opportunity to use the River Thames to bring in construction materials onto site, which will further reduce pressure on the road network. As part of the proposals a construction haul route from the A2 will be delivered at the earliest opportunity in the construction phase.

We will also promote the use of sustainable travel choices to the Resort and improvements to the public transport network.